At America’s Medicine Wheels we are all ABOUT…
Education, Insights & Understandings

First of all, our WEE Community is About Sharing a Truth Whose Time Has Come. It’s Intent is for Gathering Together with a Purpose and Focus, bringing Balance and Harmony into a Nation and upon a Continent.

America’s Medicine Wheels are About…

establishing an Institute of Higher Learning Rooted in the Earth…Rooted in the knowledge we are born of an¬†Agricultural Ancestry. Human Genetic’s are Rooted in a Sustainable Past that must be Created ANEW for Future Generations to Come.

T.H.A. WEE…Building Community…

is here to Awaken America to the Possibilities available right now. In this Moment is the Power to Begin Life Anew…a Life Free of sickness and disease. Our Human Walk of Life was Meant to BE filled with a Peace, Joy & Liberation WEE could perhaps never have known until now!


Along SR89…our 1,300 foot frontage resides along a scenic byway at the Heart…the Hub…of the Grand Circle of National Parks & Monuments here in the desert southwest.

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Another adam’t Tour zoom’n from space…Landing on site…


Feel Free to Contribute Any Amount to the Building of America’s Medicine Wheels

We’ve been doing a couple radio shows broadcast out of DreamVisions7 They broadcast live on 1510am WMEX Boston…a 50,000 watt talk show station. DreamVisions7 Radio Network is syndicated and reaches 189 countries worldwide. Perhaps you would enjoy taking the time to listen in on The Second Genesis Awakening Radio Show and The Human Accelerator Radio Show. They run about an hour…Time to Slow Down…in order to…BE ACCELERATED