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IMPORTANT NOTE FOR…MOBILE DEVICES:      First time purchases or to join our free membership level MUST BE DONE FROM A DESKTOP COMPUTER. Once completed, access to your account and it’s content can happen through your smart phone, iPhone, tablet, etc.

NOTE: This website has a Sucuri Firewall. If you get a Sucuri Access Denied Notice when purchasing or joining, please call our offices at: 435-635-4168 and we will Whitelist your IP shown at the top of the notice. We have found that if your home router/modem is set to a dynamic IP…meaning it changes sometimes daily/weekly…the Sucuri Firewall will automatically block access to the new IP. Here at the Nauvoo House we’ve contacted our internet provider to change over from a dynamic router to a static router and now must pay an additional $10.00 per month to have an unchanging  Static IP (what a racket they’ve got going…), We apologize for any inconvenience this might be but security is a top priority especially for a membership site.

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