How the website works

In the boxes below are the different membership levels. I…Wanna Be… our FREE MEMBERSHIP LEVEL. This is where you are automatically  registered as a member. The Free Level has a page with several more videos. Click on each picture below and it will take you to a page where more explanations are available as to what the membership level is about. The bottom two pictures are for those who would like to simply purchase the two books in our Second Genesis Protocol of Life.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR…MOBILE DEVICES:      First time purchases or to join our free membership level MUST BE DONE FROM A DESKTOP COMPUTER. Once completed, access to your account and it’s content can happen through your smart phone, iPhone, tablet, etc.

NOTE: This website has a Sucuri Firewall. If you get a Sucuri Access Denied Notice when purchasing or joining, please call our offices at: 435-635-4168 and we will Whitelist your IP shown at the top of the notice. We have found that if your home router/modem is set to a dynamic IP…meaning it changes sometimes daily/weekly…the Sucuri Firewall will automatically block access to the new IP. Here at the Nauvoo House we’ve contacted our internet provider to change over from a dynamic router to a static router and now must pay an additional $10.00 per month to have an unchanging  Static IP (what a racket they’ve got going…), We apologize for any inconvenience this might be but security is a top priority especially for a membership site.

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